Cheers to a New Year!

Anyone else shookith that we are in 2023!! Where did time go? This year my goal is to snuggle EVEN MORE newborns than I did last year.

We were blessed to have photographed over 200 precious newborns in 2022! With that we gained a lot more understanding and idea of the best time to do maternity and newborn collections. So, I want to share with you easy steps to prep for booking your Newborn experience with us.

Step 1: Finding Your Photographer

This step is the most crucial step, finding someone you can vibe with. Looking at the photographer's style, how they post, etc. I love to consider myself to be a more laid-back photographer, I don't force baby into poses they aren't comfortable in. I LOVE props and designing sets.

Step 2: Booking Your Due Date

I book several months in advance, and it is super important to start booking your maternity & newborn sessions by your 20th week. This gives you plenty of time to organize and plan your perfect session(s).

Maternity sessions I recommend booking between 28-35 weeks, that way you are "bigger" but not completely uncomfortable yet (it's inevitable)

Step 3: Planning Your Maternity Session

Capturing maternity sessions are my absolute favorite. They are so empowering, embracing what your beautiful body has created. We offer both in studio and outdoor maternity sessions. I have a huge maternity client closet that includes gowns ranging in all sizes, tight fitted and loose-fitting gowns, couture tulle robes, bodysuits, ivory wings, fabrics, pearl chest piece, head pieces, etc. I recommend coming in for a dress consultation 1-2 weeks before your maternity session. That way we can plan what you're going to wear and then work on the rest of the family!

Step 4: Planning Your Newborn Session

The best part of the entire experience... Your newborn session! This is the best part of my job. The good rule of thumb is booking your newborn session within the first 21 days of life. Truly it is up to you! We love for babies to be sleepy and easy to soothe, so the sooner, the better!

I always send a questionnaire with my contract so that way I can see what types of style you want, color schemes you would like to incorporate in your session.

One of my favorite things to do is to take color schemes that match your home to create artwork for your walls that match!

I hope that this helps you in your planning process! I can't wait to continue to post blogs and other helpful tips and tricks to make your experience flawless <3